Check the GPU support for OpenGL 2.x


The ParaView version provided with blueCFD-Core crashes when it starts and it looks like it might be due to missing OpenGL 2.x support. What can I do to check if this is the problem and how to fix it?


The company realtech VR provides an application named OpenGL Extensions Viewer which can be used to see the features made available in the current Windows installation.

However, if the problem is truly due to missing support for OpenGL 2.x, then you can simply check the Graphics Card and/or GPU your machine has got and what are currently installed in your machine. If you search online for What graphics card do I have? - you should find several instructions on how to find out about that.

After knowing which Graphics Card and/or GPU your machine has got, you can try and update those drivers with the most recent ones from the manufacturer of the machine or the Graphics Card or the GPU itself. For example, Intel provides drivers on their website specific for each CPU model that has a GPU integrated into it. With luck, the most recent drivers provided with it will support OpenGL 2.x.

For example, it was reported that a laptop with a CPU i5-2410m and running Windows 7 x64 was not running ParaView 5.1.2 properly, until the most recent driver from Intel for it was installed. After that, ParaView 5.1.2 with start without crashing and work properly.

However, for example, the Intel CPU i3-350m does support OpenGL 2.1, but does not provide all of the features that ParaView needs to work properly. Therefore, ParaView 5.1.2 will likely not work properly on this generation of CPU/GPU.

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