gnuplot and wgnuplot don't give feedback/prompt

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Valid versions

This issue happens only with blueCFD-Core 2017-1 and 2017-2.


When running gnuplot as an interactive shell from the command line, it does not give any feedback nor does it tell us it’s waiting for commands.

When running wgnuplot (in blueCFD-Core 2017-2), the window does open, but the prompt appears in the original command line from which we launched gnuplot.


Starting with blueCFD-Core 2017, it was decided that as many third-party packages as possible should come from MSys2, which provides the base structure for blueCFD-Core to work the way it does.

Unfortunately, the built gnuplot packages provided by the MSys2 project were still very new when we adopted it, which resulted in inheriting partially working installations of Gnuplot.


Ignore that there is no prompt and instead (try to) use it as you normally would use gnuplot and wgnuplot. For example, run:

set terminal

and it will show the list of available terminals it can plot to.

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