gnuplot help does not work

Table of Contents:

Valid versions

This issue happens only with blueCFD-Core 2017-1 and 2017-2.


After running gnuplot as an interactive shell from the command line and if then we try to run the command help, it gives the following message:


Starting with blueCFD-Core 2017, it was decided that as many third-party packages as possible should come from MSys2, which provides the base structure for blueCFD-Core to work the way it does.

Unfortunately, the built gnuplot packages provided by the MSys2 project were still very new when we adopted it, which resulted in inheriting partially working installations of Gnuplot.


  1. Open the blueCFD-Core terminal.

  2. Run the following commands:

    cd /mingw64/share/gnuplot/docs/
    explorer .

    Notice that it’s a space and a dot at the end of the second line.

  3. Windows Explorer should open up, from which you can now open the documents provided there.

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