Uninstalling MS-MPI 7.1 did not solve problem with mpirun in blueCFD-Core 2.3-1


Unfortunately sometimes the MS-MPI uninstallers area unable to fully remove all of their DLL files.


First, ensure that the problematic DLL files are located where the installer left them. Do this by running the following command in the MSys terminal for blueCFD-Core 2.3-1:

where msmpi.dll

which should give something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\blueCFD-Core-2.3\ThirdParty-2.3\platforms\linuxmingw-w64\msmpi-2012\bin\msmpi.dll
C:\Program Files (x86)\blueCFD-Core-2.3\ThirdParty-2.3\platforms\linuxmingw-w64\msmpi-2012\lib\msmpi.dll

If this is what you’re seeing, then you will need to rename two files at the folder C:\Windows\System32:

It’s advisable to rename the files through Windows Explorer, so that it asks you about whether the files should be renamed with administrative powers.

This should solve the problem.

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