Release Notes for blueCFD-Core 2017-2

These release notes address the changes made for the 2017-2 release, which is divided into the following topics:

Software provided with installers

Here is listed what software and respective versions are provided inside the binary installers, namely:

Cumulative changes and notes

This release provides the following changes relative to the previous version of blueCFD-Core:

  1. Sync up branch blueCFD-Core-5.x with upstream OpenFOAM 5.x:

    • From OpenFOAM-5.x repository, up to commit 19576d14a099e0b21e88a22b57fcf027d00ffa50, 2018-02-26 14:12:48.

    • From ThirdParty-5.x repository, up to commit a807587a7babd4d03b62794b26e5ef4105301416, 2018-02-10 17:16:35.

  2. Upgrade to latest Gnuplot on MSys2 so that it’s possible to generate plots of type PNG and JPEG, even though it still has a bug when using the help command. wgnuplot is now possible to be used as well. See Issue #78 for more details.

  3. Ghostscript 9.21 and Evince 3.26.0 from MSys2 have also been installed, to make it easier to create and open PS, EPS and PDF files directly from the command line (see also Issue #78).

  4. Removed our old - and now unused - script bin/fixPatchExeNames.

  5. Replaced all symbolic linked scripts in the folder bin for the real ones, given that this feature is not properly supported on Windows.

  6. Applied a bug fix that affected some installations of blueCFD-Core 2017, where Meld would not launch due to the lack of the highlight description files. See Issue #83 for more details.

  7. Minor change made to $FOAM_SRC/OpenFOAM/db/dynamicLibrary/dynamicCode/dynamicCode.C, so that the absolute path is used instead of the relative path for the binaries that are built on-the-fly. This was needed due to the 260 maximum character path for file/folder paths on Windows.