Release Notes for blueCFD-Core 2020-1

These release notes address the changes made for the 2020-1 release, which is divided into the following topics:

Software provided with installers

Here is listed what software and respective versions are provided inside the binary installers, namely:

Cumulative changes and notes

This release provides the following changes relative to the previous version of blueCFD-Core:

  1. Upgraded ported code to work with OpenFOAM 8 (up to commit 218f49416d, 20th of October 2020), based on the changes done up to blueCFD-Core 2017-2.

    • Associated to this, MS-MPI 7.1 and 8.1 are supported, with MS-MPI 7.1 used by default, so that it’s easier to support blueCFD-Core 2017.
  2. Using MSys2 installer 20200720, updated on the 27th of August 2020.

  3. gnuplot 5.2.8 was installed via MSys2 package manager, instead of providing it as a separate package.

  4. ParaView 5.6.2 with Qt5, OpenGL2 is provided in the AddOns folder with the installer.

  5. New script wmake/wmakeListAllIncludedLibraries.

  6. There are a few tutorial cases known to not be working as intended, but we did not have time/budget to work on fixing them, as listed in Issue #171.

  7. Fixed Issue #96: Open terminal via right-click in Windows Explorer does not work with paths that have spaces

  8. Fixed Issue #97: Can’t use foamMonitor on Windows, due to x11 terminal not existing for gnuplot

  9. Fixed Issue #161: Missing GPLv3 statement on the resources/version file