How to use the blueCFD-Core (namely the MSys2) terminal and how to install new packages with the package manager


The original question was regarding how to install gedit and other packages. This page aims to answer that and where to find more details on how to use the MSys2 terminal that is provided with blueCFD-Core (dubbed blueCFD-Core terminal to make it a bit easier to tell apart from the official MSys2 terminal).


The MSys2 installation that is being used in blueCFD-Core are using for providing a Linux-like environment does not require using sudo for installing packages and currently provides two text editors:

As for how to install packages in MSys2, please see the MSys2 project wiki.

Note: updating MSys2 software stack is currently not yet tested with blueCFD-Core 2016-1. If you do so, you will likely need to rebuild OpenFOAM 4.x from source code, by following these instructions: Quick notes on how to update build

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