Funding for the blueCFD-Core project

As you may know, blueCFD-Core has reached thousands of people around the world, delivering a convenient, high quality and easy to use Windows port of OpenFOAM. As OpenFOAM evolves, this need remains as pressing as ever.

Since we started the project, we have been thrilled and thankful to assist the OpenFOAM community in this way.

In this spirit, and since OpenFOAM continually matures, it is natural that blueCFD-Core follows suit. So, to ensure blueCFD-Core’s future, it is time to step-up a notch and kindly request your participation. In return, we are happy to recognize your company’s involvement, similarly to the current sponsors on the project’s webpage.

Essentially, we would like to invite you to support our 2024 Support Drive.

If you are inclined to assess this proposition, please read on as we have more details on what your support can enable in blueCFD-Core.

We envision three participation levels:

Note: If you need an invoice or prefer to do a bank transfer, please contact us at If you want to provide further input for the project and ideas, please note that we have a dedicated place for this.

Support in USD Support in Euro

The 2024 Support Drive aims to deliver the following:

Funding Goals Task Description Effort (Euro) Funding (%) Progress (%)
First 1 Synchronise our developments with OpenFOAM-dev, making it build and run-on Windows. 900 100 40
2 Automate the sync up between our developments and OpenFOAM-dev, to be able to have weekly builds of it made available automatically. 2700 30 50
3 Automate of testing whether the weekly builds are working as intended. 900 0 0
4 Monitor automation’s results throughout 2024. 900 0 0
Second 5 Deliver the automated builds as a pacman repository for MSys2, to make it easier for people to stay in-sync with OpenFOAM-dev on Windows. 1350 0 0
6 Streamline the build+release system of the blueCFD-Core installers. 1350 0 0
Third 7 Fixing reported bugs and those caught during the tasks above. 1800 0 0
Fourth 8 Release blueCFD-Core 2024-1 with OpenFOAM 12. 2700 0 0
Fifth 9 Add OpenFOAM 12 to the automation loop for a monthly release. 1800 0 0
Total 14400 14 14