User Guides

In Construction

This page is still a work in progress. We are aiming to bring in the old documentation we have from blueCFD-Core 2.3-1, but the objective is to contribute as much as possible to the website, so that everyone can contribute.

Reminder: blueCFD-Core provides ports of OpenFOAM (the one from the OpenFOAM Foundation) for running directly on Windows, therefore the official OpenFOAM Foundation User Guides should also work with our ports.

Table of content:

How to Install blueCFD-Core

A short video tutorial is available at blueCFD-Core: Install How-To @ YouTube for blueCFD-Core 2016-1 and is shown below as well:


Getting started with blueCFD-Core

A 40 minute video tutorial is available at blueCFD-Core: OpenFOAM® tutorial 1 How-To @ YouTube and is shown below as well:

Instructions for source code developers

If you’re developping or building OpenFOAM technology from source code, then check the instructions already available on our wiki.

Building community projects with blueCFD-Core

We are gradually adding ports of popular community projects to blueCFD-Core.

Please follow the respective wiki pages for the project you want to build:

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

blueCFD-Core does not provide a GUI for using OpenFOAM, but there are already several GUIs developed by others that use blueCFD-Core: