Support Drive 2022 for the blueCFD-Core project

Today we announce the first yearly community support drive to support the funding of the blueCFD-Core project.

With your contributions, we can maintain the blueCFD-Core project as a sustainable project, to streamline and automate most of the porting and building workflow, so we can stay in-sync with the developments by the OpenFOAM Foundation, as well as contribute to the whole community of OpenFOAM users and developers.

For more details on how you can contribute, please visit the dedicated page Funding for the blueCFD-Core project.

In line with our objectives for this project, this week we have sorted out several details on the documentation side of things, specifically:

  1. Moved the pages at Frequently Asked Questions to the category Q&A at the Discussions section, to make it simpler for us to maintain, as well as for the community to find and contribute to them.

  2. Created and/or moved over 40 reported issues to the various categories available at blueCFD-Core’s Discussions section:

    • Show and tell - to share common issues and how to work through them to solve them.
    • Q&A - namely Questions and Answers, for questions that are frequently asked.
    • Ideas - for people to share their ideas on what can be improved in blueCFD-Core.