November 2023 - Status Report for the blueCFD-Core project

We are very thankful for the funding we have received so far and we now have tangible evidence that the funding is being put into good use.

As you can see here: commit history page for blueCFD-Core-dev branch, we have implemented a continuous integration bot named blueCFD-bot which automatically synchronizes our development branch with the OpenFOAM Foundation’s development line: OpenFOAM-dev commit history page

The work done so far is part of the first 2 major tasks we are implementing, from our ongoing first goal for blueCFD-Core:

Task Description Effort (Euro) Funding so far (%) Work done so far (%)
1 Synchronise our developments with OpenFOAM-dev, making it build and run-on Windows. 900 100 40
2 Automate the sync up between our developments and OpenFOAM-dev, to be able to have weekly builds of it made available automatically. 2700 30 50
3 Automate of testing whether the weekly builds are working as intended. 900 0 0
4 Monitor automation’s results throughout 2024. 900 0 0
Total 5400 32 32

Once we have completed this first goal with 4 tasks, it will enable us to make future releases of blueCFD-Core with less than 50% of the effort needed for the release of blueCFD-Core 2020-1 and previous releases.

Looking at our overall goals for 2024 on our Funding page page, you can see the additional goals for the project, such as the Second Goal, with which we will be able to:

With these first two goals completed, the blueCFD-Core project will only require a quarter of the effort needed to deliver yearly releases, while also staying up to sync with the OpenFOAM Foundation’s developments.

Furthermore, with these two goals completed, these will only require a much smaller yearly maintenance effort.

Once these costs and efforts are brought down, it is possible to start focusing on the yearly stable releases, such as OpenFOAM 12 (Task #8).

Therefore, we emphasize: With your contributions, it is possible to bring the blueCFD-Core project to become a sustainable project, to streamline and automate most of the porting and building workflow, so we can stay in-sync with the developments by the OpenFOAM Foundation, as well as contribute to the whole community of OpenFOAM users and developers.

For more details on how you can contribute, please visit the dedicated page Funding for the blueCFD-Core project.